SUPER YONIC is how I create the “nice people party” that I’ve always dreamed about. This podcast brings together people willing to share their stories, and be vulnerable, to show that there is LOVE in the darkness. That there is hope everywhere and these stories can teach us on the path to self-love, development and understanding.

SUPER YONIC is ultimately raw. It’s about sharing your story and what inspires you. Its about the lessons you’ve learned that you want to share with others.

SUPER YONIC EPISODES are published weekly on Sundays. Each episode begins with an introduction, a conversation with the interviewee, and then the interviewee reads something they have written, or tells a story that has changed them. Host, Andrea(dre/drea) Capodilupo, then discusses the piece with the guest and then the guest will offer 1) a word that surprises, excites, delights them and 2) an artist that they love or would like others to investigate.